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Everyone has a dream of what his or her life will be like. Parents dream of a happy home when they finally have a child to love, and a child who yearns for a family to call his/her own does too. When these dreams collide with reality, chaos, grief and despair can result.

Boot Camp will equip parents to move past their own expectations of what their family life will be like in order to help the child overcome these same unrealistic expectations.
Topics covered include not only the basics of bedrooms and food preferences, but also the deeper issues of trauma, fear, loss and how to see past your child’s behaviors in order to bring connection and healing.

The REFUGE staff offers fun and practical PARENTING BOOT CAMPS taught by people who have been there. To schedule a BOOT CAMP for your church, adoption ministry, or other groups, Traci at Traci@refugeforadoption.org


Thriving adoptive families have a supportive community that understands the unique needs of a family with a child from a tough place. Unfortunately, many families are left isolated and alone without the support of people who “get it.” A community support network can make a huge difference in the life of an adoptive family.

CSN BOOT CAMPS seek to practically and humorously teach friends, families, and church communities to support and stand in the gap for adoptive parents and families. These boot camps teach friends, family, and churches:

  • What do families really need from you when they first arrive home (and beyond!)?
  • How can you emotionally and practically support an adoptive family?
  • How do you appropriately interact with an adopted child in another family?
  • What boundaries should you never cross and when should you jump in with help? (hint: food is ALWAYS appreciated- don’t ask IF you can drop off dinner, ask WHEN!)

To discuss scheduling a BOOT CAMP in your home, church, or community, contact Kristen at Kristen@refugeforadoption.org.


Refuge for Adoption understands the need for relief. While Boot Camp is designed to educate and equip new parents, our retreats are designed to offer a safe place of rest and renewal. We invite you to restore your soul with others who know your pain and your joy.

  • Separate and specifically designed retreats for:
    • Moms
    • Dads
    • Families

Contact Kristen at Kristen@refugeforadoption.org for more information about upcoming events.

Individual Intervention

Often you can see crisis building, but sometimes it is instantaneous. In those moments, where to you turn? Adoptive families have unique and specific issues that not everyone understands. Refuge for Adoption is here for you. Contact Traci at traci@refugeforadoption.org or call 708-254-9177.

  • Phone support
  • In person visits to struggling families

Encouragement & Support

Refuge for Adoption seeks to build community with other adoptive families. We hope our services and retreats become that community for you. Through each of programs we hope to provide life-long relationships with you and for you. Contact Kristen at Kristen@refugeforadoption.org to be connected with:

  • Ongoing support services
  • Referrals to vetted resources and professionals in your local area
  • Other families who will come along side of you as you find refuge in Christ.

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